At Trinity Lutheran School, children discover their unique God-given gifts. 

Trinity Lutheran offers a Quality Christian Education with

  • small class sizes
  • music and art programs
  • award-winning sports programs
  • technology education
  • a safe learning environment
  • caring, family atmosphere
  • educational supports needed to achieve confidence and gain life long success
  • Teachers who are committed to your child's success.   

Teachers & School Staff

The teachers and assistants at Trinity strive, with God's help, to be positive role models that provide a safe, nurturing, and consistent environment. 

Our schedule offers time for academics as well as play, exploration, imitation, and observation of the natural environment.  Trinity fosters a wide range of individual learning styles that will suit the needs of most children. 

Rebecca Steffy, Kindergarten Teacher

Karen Friebe, Principal

Our Program Overview 

Kindergarten is an exciting time in your child’s life!  Every day, they are learning something new, developing their skills, and working towards mastery of those skills. 

At Trinity, we utilize a variety of teaching methods including whole group activities, small group focus, individual reinforcement, self-directed centers, as well as free choice centers.



September 1st is the Michigan Department of Education cut-off date for Kindergarten enrollment.   Children turning 5 on or after September 2nd are eligible for our Young –Fives program.

Tuition & Fees

Registration Fee.................$100 per child

*non-refundable and due upon enrollment

Published Trinity rates for students in K-8:

Trinity Members: $650.00 per student with a family cap of $1625.00

Community Members: $800.00 per student with a family cap of $2000.00 

Our Typical Day 

One in Christ Religion

Weather and Calendar

Hundred Chart

Envision Math



Zoophonics and Letterbooks


Rest & Relax

Science and Social Studies

with “Let’s Find Out” from Scholastic

Journeys English Language Arts


STEAM Centers

(Science, Technology, Engineering,

The Arts, and Math) 

Outdoor Play

As the weather permits, we take the students outdoors for at least one of the recesses to get some fresh air. 

We ask that your child have suitable clothing for playing outside.

Special Programs




Pee-Wee Basketball

Physical Education

Volunteer Readers 

Program Goal

  • Develop your child's personal relationship with Jesus
  • Gain respect for nature and the world God has created
  • Learn to pray from their heart
  • Learn conflict resolution skills with opportunities to put them into practice
  • Increase knowledge of language, speech, vocabulary, thinking & problem solving
  • Learn respect for individual differences
  • Develop self-help skills
  • Knowledge of basic shapes and color words
  • Letter Recognition which leads to blending sounds to form words
  • Number Recognition which leads to writing mathematical equations
  • Develop fine and gross motor skills
  • Build language skills with books, songs and exposure to print

Registration Form

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