Enrollment Fee


March 1 – May 31st: $100/ student

After June 1st: $200/ student

March 1st: Re-Enrollment start date for all current students


Preschool Enrollment Opens

March 8th: Trinity Monitor Congregation Enrollment

March 15th: Open (Community) Enrollment

Reminder: This non-refundable fee saves your students’ spot and is due when submitting enrollment forms


Tuition may be paid either in full prior to the beginning of the school year or divided into 10 equal payments. Payments are due September 1st, and the last payment is due June 1st

5th thru 8th Grade Technology Fees

Technology Fees are non-refundable and must be paid by September 9th

You must notify the school office if your child is using their own Chromebook

Chromebook Fee: 60/student

 Management Fee: $20/ student (applies to all 5th thru 8th grade students)

Optional Insurance Fee: $55 for 100% coverage/$35 50% coverage/$0 for no coverage